We offer a selection of the Group’s products and services outside of the UK, supporting global essential infrastructure providers and their supply partners to look after assets and deliver great service to customers.

What’s available internationally?

Holding phone with Aptumo customer login screen

Water billing software

Aptumo is cloud-based next generation water billing software, native to the Salesforce platform. Designed by the water industry for the water industry, Aptumo is customer not property focused and enables digitization; an evergreen system that’s always up to date. Aptumo can unlock system data to drive better insight and can be in control of system change and configuration.

Available in Australia and the USA

Water network seized valve release

Hydrosave’s HydroV solution helps water companies to safely release seized valves across their network, using only the minimum torque required to protect assets. Be it an emergency release, or part of planned maintenance, our solution has never failed to release a valve, saving time and the money involved in replacing valves that can’t be operated. What’s more, our technology is the safest solution on the market for both assets and operatives.

International license arrangements available

Water pipeline condition assessment

SmartCAT®, Advanced Engineering Solution’s patented water pipeline condition assessment technology, enables a rapid non-intrusive assessment of the condition of metallic pipes helping water utilities make more confident decisions on pipe replacement. It is a non-intrusive solution that finds both internal and external defects using magnetic flux technology.

International license arrangements available

Flow monitoring and surveys

OnSite is a world leader in the field of foul and surface water network flow monitoring and has been involved since the inception of flow survey technology in the 1980s working closely with the Water Research Centre. OnSite’s flow monitoring equipment can accurately measure depth of flow and velocity in pipelines, which, when combined with rain gauge information, can be used by hydraulic modelling engineers to assess the performance characteristics of a particular pipeline.

Service delivered internationally. Recent projects delivered in Qatar, Kuwait and Hong Kong.