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We are a specialist in the design, implementation, and maintenance of geothermal heating solutions.​

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What is a geothermal heating solution?

A geothermal heating solution or ground source heat pump is a low carbon heating system that provides space and process heating or cooling.

They work by absorbing energy from the ground and compressing the low-grade energy into high-grade heat using a refrigeration circuit. It is then delivered to a heating system such radiators or underfloor heating, providing reliable, year-round heating and hot water.

A ground source heat pump can achieve temperatures up to 65°C and can be used in any size or age of building.

Why should I choose a geothermal heating solution?

The drive to decarbonise and achieve net zero by 2050 means organisations and businesses are looking at more effective and efficient ways to do the everyday things they would normally take for granted.

High on that agenda is a carbon efficient heating system, whether that be for a shopping centre, factory or even a new housing estate. A typical geothermal heating system has a coefficient performance (COP) of 3.5 to 4.0, which means for every kW of energy put in, 3.5 to 4 kW of energy is generated.

That’s a huge improvement on the 80-85% efficiency you get from a traditional gas or oil-fired boiler, and exactly why a geothermal heating system is seen as a cost effective, efficient, and sustainable way to achieve a significant carbon reduction in the race to net zero.

Why work with us?

Quite simply because our service is entirely tailored to your project’s requirements. Whether you need a complete end to end service or just the pipework or plant room installed, we can do that.

As part of SSI Services, we are able to select and mobilise the expertise from our group businesses required to deliver your brief. This means at every stage of your project that we are involved in, you get fully managed specialist designers, engineers, or operatives to deliver that stage of your project. And if you want a full end to end solution, we work in exactly the same way.

Borehole drilling and maintenance helping you extract water from the underground aquifer

Pipeline services to pump the heat from your energy centre via insulated pipes to the buildings you want to heat

Pump & plantroom mechanical and electrical services helping you create your energy centre

Our past projects

Eden Geothermal Project appoints OnSite

Supporting the Eden Geothermal project in its objective to supply heat from the in situ ground source heat pump to the facilities at Eden.

Bouygues Energies & Services appoints OnSite Pipelines to support Swaffham Prior Heat Network

Connecting a village of around 300 homes in Cambridgeshire to a new, innovative renewable energy project incorporating air source and ground source heating solution.

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